hemp for our home

We believe in the goodness of nature and its ability to provide for us the things we need. The legalization of hemp in North Carolina offers us a special opportunity to serve our local community the finest products available within a growing hemp market. As the nation-wide hemp community grows, it can now more than ever seem confusing for people who wish to improve their lives through the use of hemp products. That’s where we come in. We are here to provide industry leading education, world class products, and individualized support for our patrons both local and online.

Quality cannabis Products

We offer the finest hemp products in the entire industry. We offer everything - including everything from CBD infused topicals to premium hemp extracts. We also specialize in THCa infused products as well as Delta 9 edibles. We know our catalog in and out and we use our product line effectively to help our people thrive.

Quality Meets Affordability - Your Trusted CBD Source

Experience the synergy of quality and affordability at Skyland Cannabis. We take pride in providing our valued customers with access to high-quality CBD products without the premium price tag. Our mission is to make the benefits of CBD accessible to all, fostering a sense of well-being and balance. Discover a comprehensive range of options that cater to various preferences, backed by our dedication to delivering exceptional value.

Hemp Based wellness for asheville and beyond

Skyland Cannabis Company was first envisioned as a way for its founders to directly serve their community in the best way they knew how: finding and selling the best quality hemp and naturopathic products locally available.

What asheville locals say

"I absolutely love my CBD hemp roll on, the Delta 9 candy, and this amazing CBD tincture... the best part is that it's made in Asheville and organic!"
emma dalton
"The THCa delivery was quick and the flower and edibles are top notch, will be making Skyland Cannabis my main spot. They also give locals discounts on flower."
tyler mor